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Ohio Gameroom Operators Show Off with New Games


Get Skill Games Ohio 750x75The S.C. Supreme Court told it will hear an establishment’s gambling-related lawsuit after losing the case in 2013 in the Court of Appeals.

In 2013, the Court of Appeals ruled that a Columbia woman named Lauren Proctor who allegedly lose nearly $700,000 in illegal video poker machines at Columbia eateries Pizza Man and Rockaways can sue the establishment in order to recover her losses.

Certified Ohio Skill GamesAccording to the law, a patron can file a lawsuit against a gambling establishment in order to recover losses.  However, the law did not address losses from playing with illegal machines.

Columbian lawyer Jim Griffin, Rockaways legal adviser argued that the decision made in 2013 created a new law opening the civil judicial system to a flood of lawsuits by disgruntled criminals suing other criminals for business disputes.

Griffin also said that Proctor was ineligible to bring the lawsuit since she filed the lawsuit more than three months after her alleged losses at Rockaways.

Proctor’s lawyer Pete Strom responded by saying that the state law clearly supported the policy of allowing plaintiffs to recover gambling losses as a way of both discouraging illegal gambling and protecting gamblers and their family members from imprudent gambling activities

“We look forward to arguing this. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will make a definitive statement,” Strom commented.

Ohio Internet Sweepstakes Operators Return With Compliant Games


Certified Ohio Skill Conversion 750x75EXCELSIOR DISTRICT – The increasing internet sweepstakes cafés triggered criminal activities and raises some community concerns in Excelsior District.

Supervisor John Avalos told there were at least five internet sweepstakes parlor in the District and mentioned one called Net Shop owned by a certain Thomas P. Lacey.

Need Ohio Skill Games 300x300According to Avalos, the sweepstakes parlor which operated 24 hours a day during weekends with a score of terminal computers in a 2,000 square feet property spiked the biggest number of concerns in the neighbourhood. He said those cafés attracted and exploited people who were desperate to win.

“You can just look in the window and see the slot machines going full bore,” Avalos commented.

Moreover, Ailed Paningbatan-Swan, official of the Excelsior Community Center, reported that their students were subject to sexual harassment by Net Shop patrons.

Net Shop like the rest of sweepstakes café in the area remained open because according to the law, if an establishment does not host gambling, it is legal. Therefore, the internet shops in the District are legitimate businesses and cannot be forced to shut down.

Sweepstakes Games in Ohio Shift to Compliant Games With Just One Click


Get Skill Games Ohio 750x75WAYNE COUNTY – Authorities were on the lookout for two men accused of breaking into a gaming café in Wayne County, the Kenova Police Department reported.

Based on the police report, two males broke into Mitzi’s around early morning last week.

An investigator told, the suspects kicked the rear door and fled with about $1,000 coins collected from gaming machines.

Certified Ohio Skill Games

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities at 304-453-5555.

Ohio Internet Sweepstakes Operators Install Skill Games


Get Your Games Converted Ohio 750x75ROCKFORD – The City Council voted against the proposed coffee gaming café at Charles Street. The council voted 7-6 prohibiting the proposed coffee shop to offer alcoholic drinks.

Ohio Skill Game Option 350x350Earlier, two local business owners decide to transform an abandoned building on Charles Street into a coffee shop with a twist – a café with slot machines.

“We are going to spend a lot of money fixing it up. It is going to be a legitimate business and coffee shop,” said business owner Benny Salamone.

The Salamone brothers invested in a property considered as an eyesore in the city of Rockford. They proposed to call the business Caesars Place coffee shop.

“I respect what they’re trying to do, but I’m frustrated about it,” Salamone expressed.

Ohio Sweepstakes Cafes Rebranded; Re-Open as Skill Rooms


Skill Game ConversionCHARLOTTE – A man was rushed to the hospital after he was shot outside a sweepstakes parlor at east Charlotte, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police reported.

Need Ohio Skill Games 300x300According to the police report, the victim was found wounded from a gunshot at a parking lot off Independence Boulevard on early Sunday morning.

The man with serious injuries was taken to a hospital immediately.

Officers were investigating potential witnesses from the sweepstakes parlor which was open during the shooting.

Anyone with information were asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (703) 334-7600.

Sweepstakes Games Return in Ohio Market


Get Skill Games Ohio 750x75ONSLOW COUNTY – Two men accused of robbing an internet sweepstakes café in Onslow County was arrested, the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office reported.

On July 21, two black male robbed Lucky Time Internet Café at Ohio Skill Game Option 350x350U.S. 258 Richlands Highway. According to the employee present during the robbery, the suspects threatened with a hand gun and demanded for money.

The suspects identified as 21-year-old Deontre Ulysses Randall, of New Bern, and 18-year-old Kyle Quinton Boone, of Jacksonville were arrested on Wednesday.

Both suspects were charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, felony larceny, and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. Randall was held under $415, 000 bond while Boone had $335,000 bond.

No one was reported hurt during the robbery.

Sweepstakes Owners Show a Level of Skill


Ohio Get Converted Now 750x75WESTLAKE – A county judge granted four gaming parlors temporary injunction to re-open.

In a letter issued in May 30, County Prosecutor Bill Mason’s offices issued a cease and desist to all gaming parlors in Westlake. However, the flashing lights and beeping sounds of internet sweepstakes was back in Westlake after Cuyahoga County Judge Nancy Russo allowed internet sweepstakes cafes to re-open.

Ohio Skill Game Option 350x350The preliminary injunction banned prosecutors from shutting down internet sweepstakes parlor offering electronic game of chance with prizes such as telephone card and internet access.

Westlake Law Director John Wheeler told there were at least 6 sweepstakes parlor in the city.

“When they first started coming around Westlake, we did our research. The consensus was that they are probably lawful entities because they’re sweepstakes-based,” Wheeler stated.

The county viewed the sweepstakes industry as gambling. Operators, however, argued that they were in compliance with the law because winners were already pre-determined with pre-reveal software.

“The county initiated the cease and desist order. We’re going to let them handle it,” said Wheeler.

Brand New Look, Brand New Games, Same Ohio Internet Sweepstakes Operator


Get Your PlugNPlay kits Ohio 750x75CHEVIOT – The City Council prepared for the opening of internet sweepstakes parlors in Southern Ohio.

According to City Councilman William Clark, internet sweepstakes parlors also known as cyber cafes or internet cafes would be the first of its kind to set up in Cheviot.

“It’s very quick to set up. You set up some computers, put a server in and some tables and chairs and people can get to business,” said Clark.

Ohio Skill Games 350x350Opponents of the sweepstakes industry argued that these establishments exploit the state gambling laws with skill-based games and bring could cause criminal activities in the area.

On the other hand, supporters told such businesses were legal under the law. In fact, they argued that instead of collecting winning, they sell pre-paid phone cards and internet tome.

“They’ve already made their intent known that they’re coming here and we can’t just restrict a business because we suspect that they’re gambling,” Clark argued.

Clark also stated that sweepstakes parlors have long been popping in the state of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

“A lot of these internet sweepstakes cafes choose these smaller communities realizing they don’t have the resources to do a long huge court battle if the community decides it is in fact a gambling site,” Clark said.

Meanwhile, Councilman Matthew McGowan said that “as long as he’s not doing anything illegal there can’t be a problem with it.”

“Until we get a better idea on this on what exactly is legal, and what exactly is not it’s kind of hard to say yea or nay,” McGowan commented.

New Games Being Played Now in Ohio


Skill Game ConversionRALEIGH – Internet sweepstakes cafes shut down by police turned to court for help.

In 2012, the North Carolina Supreme Court outlawed sweepstakes gaming in the state, yet, the city of Raleigh continued to issue business permits and amassed a total of $1.76 million from sweepstakes license fees.

Authorities arrested internet café operators and charged them in violation of the law. However, most of those arrested were acquitted of criminal charges.

Need Ohio Skill Games 300x300Some of these operators installed new software in compliance with the statute and asked the court to issue orders preventing law enforcement from shutting down their businesses.

In December 2010, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law banning sweepstakes and electronic gambling. Yet, the sweepstakes industry returned with new set of modified skill games which they call “legal” under the law.

Attorney General Roy Cooper already warned that the sweepstakes cafes might not go away completely.

“I think law enforcement and prosecutors are just going to have to keep plugging away at this. I think overall you’ve seen a reduction in the number of these businesses in North Carolina either who voluntarily go out of business or who have been shut down by law enforcement. I think it’s just going to take a period of time before its eradicated,” said Cooper

Sweepstakes Games Turn New Page in Ohio Market


Get Your Games Converted Ohio 750x75ROCKFORD – Two local business owners decide to transform an abandoned building on Charles Street into a coffee shop with a twist – a café with slot machines.

“We are going to spend a lot of money fixing it up. It is going to be a legitimate business and coffee shop,” said business owner Benny Salamone.

The Salamone brothers invested in a property considered as an eyesore in the city of Rockford. They proposed to call the business Caesars Place coffee shop.

Certified Ohio Skill Games“We just want everyone to know that we are going to be a coffee shop with gaming. Not a gaming parlor with coffee,” Salamone stated.

If Caesars Place gets approval from the city council, it will be the third slot machine parlor on Charles Street.

Alderman Joseph Chiarelli announced his support for Caesars saying: “I really feel that with that type of investment in the area, it is worthy to be approved.”

On the other hand, Alderman Thomas McNamara told it does not pay off in the long run to keep pumping money in slot machines.

“My problem comes in when the slot machines are your business, and something else like sandwiches, or coffee is just an insignificant piece,” McNamara commented.