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Sweepstakes Law in Ohio Hatches New Businesses Across State

Sweepstakes Law Introduces A New Game
OHIO – Several local businesses shut down in Ohio as the new bill which limits cash prizes to $10 took effect last October. The only thing that remained of the once flourishing sweepstakes industry was the phone lines in empty shops. However, a new surge of ‘compliant games’ have been popping up replacing the old sweepstakes games with a new type of game.
The effect of House Bill 7 was felt instantly as Attorney General Mike DeWine sent out notification letters to sheriffs and internet cafes across Ohio once the Committee to Protect Ohio Jobs abandon its campaign as they fall short of about 71, 000 valid signatures from 44 different states in Ohio.
According to Dan Tierney, though it was hard to track the total of internet cafes that close down, a score of internet shops ceased operation as soon as the law took effect.
Both phone numbers for Park Place Cyber 777 in Mansfield and Starz Internet Cafe in Heath were now disconnected.
The former Starz Internet Cafe with multi-colored carpeting was seen with a large “for lease” signs across the road.
Law enforcement from Bucyrus reported that all exclusive sweepstakes establishment had vacated the city.
A club manager named John Topper of the Bucyrus American Legion Post 181 claims their organization used two games which were in line with the new law.
“The company we got them off of, they’re saying they’re legal. We’re not paying out more than $10 at a time,” Topper declared.
Topper also said he does not understand why the state was against gambling since small operations like his business was not a threat to casino business.
In Cuyahoga County, six internet cafes were busted in April, six months before the law took effect. A gaming technology provider based in New Jersey called VS2 was raided as well. VS2 plead not to sell gaming software to Ohio as part of its plea agreement.
In May, a sweep was conducted on Lucky Duck in Ontario. Officers also searched five internet shops in Union County in August.
Police Captain Jim White from Fremont stated that all internet establishments vacated the area as soon as HB 7 took effect.
White also said that the city was prepared to monitor the internet café industry rather than eliminate them.
“We didn’t have any problems with them,” White reiterated.

Ohio HB-7 Regulates Sweepstakes Terminal Devices


COLUMBUS – Law enforcement seems to be ready to begin enforcing Ohio’s new Internet sweepstakes cafe law.

“Internet sweepstakes cafes have long had operations that raised suspicions of illegal gambling,” DeWine proclaims in a news release.

Dewine Pushed HB-7 Thru Legislation

“Ohio now has a law which makes clear which activities are legal and illegal in these cafes, and we will not hesitate to enforce the law.”

The law DeWine refers to is House Bill 7, which allows the Attorney General’s Office regulatory authority over sweepstakes terminal devices used by Internet sweepstakes cafes. Cafes are required to get a certificate of registration from the Attorney General’s Office and required to file monthly reports.

The Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation also now will have authority to investigate gambling law violations that occur at sweepstakes parlors.

Entertaining Display Terminals To Reveal Sweepstakes Are Now Regulated In Ohio

The attorney general’s plans to send certified letters to the parlors that previously filed affidavits of existence following a moratorium on new cafes. The letter will outline the changes to law enacted by HB 7, including a $10 limit on the value of prizes.

The new law also outlaws prizes in the form of cash, gift cards, lottery tickets, bingo, instant bingo, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or vouchers for any such items.

Currently, As of June 27, 2013, 17 cafes in Mahoning County had filed affidavits of existence; Trumbull County also had 17 listed Internet cafes. As recently as January of this year, and before the affidavits were required, Trumbull County had 47 listed cafes, while Mahoning County had 37.

The new law also draws a line between the casino-style games played at Internet cafes and traditional promotional sweepstakes offered by retailers such as McDoanlds (Is the website www.PLAYatMCD.com now illegal in Ohio ?)  Retailers who offer promotional sweepstakes via a terminal device will have certain restrictions and registration to ensure compliance with Ohio law, according to the attorney general’s office.

The Attorney General’s Office also will be sending out letters to all county prosecutors letting them know of the known cafes in their county. The Attorney General’s Office will continue to provide assistance to local law enforcement who request assistance on illegal gambling investigations regarding Internet sweepstakes cafes, including services from BCI, charitable law investigators and attorneys and special prosecutors.

House Bill 7 certainly offers clearer guidelines for legal sweepstakes than what previously existed in Ohio law,” DeWine said. “Sweepstakes operators need to conduct their business in accordance with the law. We will be watching.”

Ohio Sweepstakes Fight Looks To Be Headed To Court Showdown


Similar Laws In Other States Have Been Struck Down

COLUMBUS – The Committee to Protect Ohio Jobs hoped to overturn a new state law aimed at closing sweepstakes parlors has failed in its efforts to allow voters to make the choice on a ballot.

Referendum Falls Short

The group announced Thursday evening that they were unable to collect the 71,000-plus additional signatures needed to qualify for the ballot and decided not to submit new petitions to the secretary of state’s office.

The group, however,  left open the possibility of lawsuits to challenge House Bill 7, which banned cash payouts, capped prize values at $10, required increased registration and oversight of sweepstakes parlors and likely will lead to the closing of most of the storefronts. Lawsuits in other states have been successful when new laws have been implemented to curb the businesses.

“With respect to the ability of Ohioans to continue to patronize Internet sweepstakes cafes in Ohio, legal challenges to HB 7 are under consideration by industry attorneys,” the group said, adding, “As of today, there is nothing to announce in that regard.”

No Vote For Cafe Supporters

Cafe owners say claim their businesses are operating legally, selling products (often phone cards) or services (often Internet access) to customers and compare them to someone buying a burger at Mcdonald’s and entering the Monopoly sweepstakes.

Lawmakers say HB-7 was needed because sweepstakes parlors were skirting state law and offering unregulated gambling, with parlors often becoming havens for other illegal activities.

The Committee to Protect Ohio Jobs began their referendum effort to overturn the legislation, and parlor owners submitted

Purchase A Cheeseburger and Get a Chance To Enter a Sweepstakes

more than 433,000 signatures to the secretary of state in September.In which,  160,000 of those names were confirmed as valid by county elections officials, short of the 231,000 that was needed to qualify for the ballot.

“The committee is grateful to the tens of thousands of voters who signed petitions in solidarity with the 80 percent of Ohioans who oppose banning Internet sweepstakes cafes,” the group said in a released statement. “Sadly, as a result of House Bill 7 going into effect, Ohio will lose thousands of jobs and state and local governments will lose millions of dollars in tax revenues.”

Cafe Supporters Ask To See Evidence Of High Crime Around Sweepstakes Parlors


Proponents Claim The Numbers Are Propaganda Supplied By A Casino Agenda

OHIO – The legislature is expected to act quickly as it reassembles to fix the loopholes in the ban ruled in the summer against internet sweepstakes cafes. This week, the internet café industry has succeeded in preventing the new law to take effect as it announced that it has reached the target of 400,000 valid signatures required to place a referendum into the general election next year.HB7-400x400e
The referendum aims to let the people decide whether to keep sweepstakes running or shut it down for good.
Unlike casinos, internet sweepstakes is unregulated and receives no oversight. Internet sweepstakes do not give back to the government opposed to casinos which are taxed and sponsors charities.
Some contend that if only the Senate have passed the Bill 7 with an emergency provision, the ban would have taken effect immediately without the chance of a referendum having 90 days waiting period before the effective date. The bill would have shut down internet cafes on the same day the bill was passed.
GOP senators were discovered at a high class steakhouse with interests on internet cafes an hour after a session break where the bill was supposed to be studied.
On April 17, a search in Cuyahoga County revealed email communications detailing how a New Jersey gambling lord has zoomed in General Assembly members, bribing them campaign donations.
Furthermore, on the 23rd of April, law enforcement chief officials has convened with Republican senators and laid out crime activities surrounding these internet cafes. With this, the Senate has passed the bill with a snap.
The intensifying pressure the referendum has brought in caused the Senate to rectify Bill 141 which is a harder version of Bill 7 with an emergency provision. With this, there is no more chance for a referendum.

4 out of 5 Ohioans Oppose Sweepstakes Ban


People collecting signatures to place a repeal of Ohio’s Internet sweepstakes restriction on the ballot case are being pestered by “corporate casino enthusiasts.”.

Sweepstakes Cafe Player 1-877-WIN-CAFE

The Committee to Protect Ohio Jobs just recently provided a press release noting that authorities records were filed in Columbus, Cleveland and Toledo “since individuals working with the business casino enthusiasts to oppose the mandates are physically obstructing Ohioans who want to sign as signatures are gathereed.”.

In Columbus, a mandate advocate was apparently running the show. In one more accident, a signature gatherer got a temporary civil defense order versus Matthew Cane, alleging that he sat outside her location of employment every day, followed her when she left her workplace and nearly struck the back of her business van, scaring her and her guests. At a hearing on the concern today in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, the short-term protection order was withdrawn and the case dismissed without more action.

In Toledo, “2 automobiles with four people in each were parked outside our workplace in our exclusive lot noting our workplace and activity,” an interior report states. “When the Deputy Director left for the day, among the vehicles (white Chevy Malibu) followed him for around one mile while video tape-recording him.”.

The exact same Malibu was back the following day, together with one more vehicle, and the people inside once again allegedly followed trademark gatherers when they left the building. Toledo Police were called, and they told the cars’ residents to leave and not adhere to the people at all, on the record.

Matt Dole, representative for the Committee to Protect Ohio Jobs, stated the group has no evidence that Ohio’s casino owners are responsible, yet think they’re the reasonable cause.

“We believe that the corporate casino interests are spending for the FieldWorks operatives who are presenting aggressive and threatening behavior,” he said. “With 80 percent of Ohioans opposing the ban of Internet sweepstakes cafes, the casino enthusiasts are the only group with methods who protest enabling Ohioans to exercise their right for citizen mandate.”.

FieldWorks, headquartered in Washington, D.C., specializes in canvassing and ballot campaigns. Their customer listing mentions numerous unions and Democratic Party companies. In Ohio, they specify Ohio Learn and Earn and Ohioans for Healthy Families as customers.

The Ohio Learn and Earn Committee backed Issue 3, which legislated gambling in Ohio. Ohioans for Healthy Families was a short-term group developed in 2007 to sustain paid sick days for all workers in the state.

While Ohioans Against Illegal Gambling is not listed as a client, Carlo LoParo of Strategic Public Partners and a spokesperson for the team, acknowledged they tapped the services of FieldWorks to collaborate academic efforts.

“Specifically, they are making sure all of our employee work in a fashion that is considerate of the application procedure while they provide facts regarding the referendum initiative,” LoParo claimed. “We are simply providing voters more info. We are not shutting out the petition gathering initiative.”.

LoParo likewise pointed out referendum hunters are not efficiently explaining the applications to voters.

“We believe voters have a right to understand the facts about exactly what Internet cafe operatives are asking them to authorize,” he said. “To date, Internet cafe supporters have been incredibly deceitful in their explanation to electors. These petitions do not legislate Internet cafes nor do they legitimize the unlawful gambling developing at these facilities.”.

OAIG assists H.B. 7, which effectively outlaws Internet cafes in the state. A prior law put a pause on such operations.

Referendum advocates have till Sept. 3 to send sufficient trademarks to stop implementation of the ban until voters can decide the concern at the November 2014 general election.

Nonetheless, a modification added to S.B. 141 would certainly impose added regulations on Internet cafes. As Ohio Watchdog formerly stated:.

Must the Internet cafes operators gather enough trademarks, put the mandate on the tally and gain voter approval, the amendment to S.B. 141 would certainly still make the businesses illegal. In addition, because S.B. 141 has an emergency clause, it is exempt to a mandate and will take effect when signature by the governor.

S.B. 141 was gone by the Senate and is pending in the House.


Ohioans Challenge Sweepstakes Law By Gaining Signatures


Challengers of an Ohio law that effectively prohibits storefront sweepstakes parlors can begin collecting signatures in

1-877-WIN-CAFE Sweepstakes Players

their effort to have voters reverse the step upcoming year.

State authorities on Friday certified an initial 1,000 signatures and request summary wording from the team called the Committee to Protect Ohio Jobs. That indicates it could start gathering more than 231,000 trademarks had to place a mandate on the tally.

The team desires the law revoked to require lawmakers to pass a new law moderating the sector and shut down what it calls fake sweepstakes parlor drivers. It has till Sept. 3 to accumulate the needed trademarks.

More than 620 Internet cafes work in Ohio, representing competitors to legislated casinos and charity games.

The law’s advocates say Internet cafes were accommodating prohibited gambling.

Anti-Gambling Group Tries To Discredit Sweepstakes Operators By Calling Them Crime Syndicates


A coalition calling itself Ohioans Against Illegal Gambling has developed to support movement of House Bill 7, a

1-877-WIN-CAFE Sweepstakes Player

suggested state law that would badly moderate Internet cafes in Ohio. The team includes law enforcement, business, effort, public advocacy and charitable organizations.

“Not only are these cafes running uncontrolled and without oversight, they are unlawful under present Ohio law,” said Robert Cornwell, executive supervisor of the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association and a coalition member. “We think these cafes are a front for all sorts of illegal task from prostitution, money laundering, fraud and human trafficking.”.

FOP Ohio President Jay McDonald said the 820 Internet operators are “at top unlawful gambling procedures, and at worst, fronts for other a lot more major criminal activity.”.

The coalition mentioned a Dispatch investigation released Sunday which discovered numerous of the sweepstakes operators have lawful and financial issues, including some with theft, gambling, drug trafficking, assault, personal bankruptcies, tax liens, civil judgments and foreclosures records. Several would certainly not qualify to work at one of Ohio’s 4 casinos, which are strictly regulated.

Ohioans Against Illegal Gambling is backed by the casinos which think about Internet cafes to be uncontrolled competitors. Various other participants feature the Buckeye Sheriff’s Association, Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council, Buckeye Ranch, Columbus Area NAACP and Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

One more group, the Ohio Free Enterprise Alliance, formed lately assisting the cafes as legit company operations and opposing a state shutdown.


Adding Sweepstakes To Your Blog Will Generate More Traffic


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Spicey Patel’s Internet Cafe In Columbus

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Abide the Law

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Internet Sweepstakes Legislation Loses Steam And Dies In Ohio Senate


Legislation efficiently outlawing Internet cafes died in the Ohio Senate Tuesday, however state lawmakers will return wp9in January facing the same inquiry– whether to outlaw or moderate the sweepstakes companies.

Us senate President Tom Niehaus determined to pull the plug on the bill as state lawmakers wrap up the unconvincing duck session over the next 48 hours.

Last week, House lawmakers passed House Bill 605 by a 63-30 ballot. The bill would have capped the worth of rewards at $ 10 and restricted money free gifts, which cafe managers stated would certainly close down their businesses. An earlier proposition to heavily moderate the sweepstakes providings had failed to obtain energy in the House.

“There were still a many questions that our participants have,” Niehaus informed reporters. “It was a really difficult bill and I do believe that it will be addressed very early in the next General Assembly. We were merely lacking time.”.

Owners of the 800 or so parlors dotting the state claim they are simply companies selling Internet or phone time with lawful sweepstakes introduced as a deal. Although the sweepstakes end result is determined, clients normally play slot machine-like games at computers to identify if they gained.

However Attorney General Mike DeWine and others see the cafes as illegal gambling houses that dodge the laws and taxations paid by Ohio’s casinos and race course slot parlors.

Niehaus stated his caucus was favoring regulation rather compared to getting rid of the sweepstakes parlors.

“I think there is undoubtedly a lot more assistance in my caucus right now for the regulative scheme in contrast to a straight-out ban, yet it’s very close,” he pointed out.

Niehaus, that is leaving at the end of the year due to term limits, claimed members of his Republican caucus, which will certainly hold 23 of 33 Senate seats following session, desire to ensure that controling the cafes does not influence quick meals bistros and others that supply sweepstakes games as rewards. “How do you allow them and control them in such a means where you do not infringe on the McDonald’s and the Speedways that have been doing these sort of promos for many years?” Niehaus stated.

Internet cafe owners like Jim Veneroso were jubilant Tuesday afternoon as headlines spread out through the Statehouse that the bill was dead. The Youngstown man was just one of about 100 managers and workers of the cafes who loaded into a Senate hearing area Tuesday, several sporting “HB 605 will certainly take my job” tops.

“I’m excited that we’ve spared the listings of our staff members,” stated Veneroso, who has 2 Internet cafes in Youngstown. “I didn’t want to return to them and tell them they lost their jobs.”.

Opposing views on whether the cafes were lairs of gambling or fun and legal sweepstakes providings controlled testament prior to the Senate’s Government Oversight and Reform Committee.

Making a case for the restriction was Cuyahoga County aide prosecutor J.D. May, that informed lawmakers that cafe owners weren’t offering legit items yet merely supplying a game of chance. He mentioned a situation in Parma Heights where Internet cafes sell time on the internet right around the street from a public collection where patrons could utilize the Internet totally free.

“What kind of product are they offering?” May asked the lawmakers. “It’s subterfuge.”.

Leading the cost for the protection was Luther Liggett, an influence peddler for the Internet Sweepstakes Association of Ohio, that called the parlors “the new bingo” for senior citizens who make use of the parlors to interact socially.

Liggett informed lawmakers that the games being supplied are “reveal gadgets” that just allowed an individual recognize if they won or not, comparable to the Monopoly sweepstakes games supplied by McDonald’s. “It’s like the milkshake at McDonald’s, other than the peel-off is electronic. They are not slots, they are not gambling gadgets.”.

However Robert Boldin, an enforcement agent in Cleveland with the Department of Public Safety, called the item being sold “primarily a throw-in” and claimed investigations have actually revealed most cafe managers didn’t worry about clarifying to consumers what they purchased.

Mostly detached to the legal arguments was North Ridgeville Mayor David Gillock, who demonstrated that the seven Internet cafes within his city are well regulated by a neighborhood regulation passed numerous years ago. Gillock claimed the cafes created roughly $ 110,000 a year for his city last year with licensing charges, and he asked lawmakers not to prohibit the businesses.

“Don’t eliminate the one thing that we’ve located that packs vacant structures, that brings in new jobs and incomes in to our neighborhood and provides a resource of fulfillment for our elders,” he claimed.


Ohio House Passes Legislation To Regulate Sweepstakes


In an effort to crack down on sweepstakes gaming at Internet cafes, the Ohio House of Representatives authorized House Bill 605 throughout Wednesday’s lame-duck session, 63-30.
wp12The bill will certainly go before the Senate, which is anticipated to meet at some point within the following week. If passed, Internet cafes will disappear in Ohio, not specifically due to the fact that they will be prohibited, but due to the fact that there will certainly be a cap set on the daily prizes.
House Bill 605 restricts cash payouts and puts a $ 10 cap on the value of some other prizes granted from getting the long distance phone cards that are used to play the video games.
Movement of House Bill 605 will certainly impact more than 800 Internet cafes throughout the state, including the Red Door in Logan. And might potentially eliminate 4,000 jobs in a state that is already dispirited.
While some say that Internet Cafes are not gambling facilities, the computer games in the cafes are similar to slots, video poker and video Keno games found at the casinos.
The difference is that as opposed to frequently feeding money into a slot machine, sweepstakes consumers get Internet time that can cost the player anywhere from 25 pennies to $ 1 a moment on phone cards. The customers are then given magnetic swipe cards packed with sweepstakes aspects or passwords to obtain in to the computer in order to indulge in sweepstakes play time on the machines.
Factors accumulate on the machines equally with slots, and the even more points gathered, the larger the potential reward.
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said thanks to the Ohio House of Representatives for its movement of the bill that would certainly establish stringent restrictions on sweepstakes gaming at Internet cafes.
“I say thanks to Speaker [ William ] Batchelder, representatives [ Matt ] Huffman and [ Louise ] True blessing, and the Ohio House of Representatives for responding on the unregulated gambling taking place at Internet cafes throughout Ohio. HB 605 is a major advance to guard Ohio customers. I anticipate and motivate speedy movement of HB 605 in the Ohio Senate,” said DeWine.
Local Internet cafe manager Dancing Elk, that carries on taking care of issues with the Ohio Department of Commerce over building regulations violations, feels that the Internet cafes legislation is a transgression of the 14th Amendment.
“I do not see where we are doing anything illegal or immoral. I’m impressed at the misrepresentation to the public,” he commentated. “They’re demonizing us and affiliating us with cash laundering, the sex trade and racketeering. That may be a small portion of the business, however it’s not we all.”.
Dance Elk additional suggested that he pays his taxations and has actually observed all laws set forth when he signed a respite with DeWine’s workplace this past year.
“You understand, we are no different compared to the Publisher’s Clearing House or McDonalds. That’s all sweepstakes, equally this is sweepstakes,” he explained. “I can not figure out on the machines that’s going to win. These machines have clients country wide and the payout is 95 percent, which is far better odds than that in a casino or racino.”.
He has actually mixed aspect on whether his tribally linked company will definitely get by, however added, “It’s challenging to state exactly what’s visiting happen, yet I will be willing to utilize my knowledge of the gaming laws against theirs– they’re simply trying to eliminate the competition, that’s all– competition of the casinos.”.
While he holds out hope, he stated, “We’ve been combating the reason for common man and our freedom– in this city. We give to the neighborhood and relocated below thinking we were helping the neighborhood.”.
“As a Native American, we have been fighting the government for over 300 years,” he laughed. “We’re used to it.”.
Additionally, Dancing Elk suggested that the federal government is making it hard to work an Internet bistro, yet seems more open to allowing casinos and said he would not be opposed to opening a casino in the region.
“If they desire us to be a casino, I’ll open one. Offer me my casino permit and my tribe will certainly open up a casino. I’ll obtain investors and my tribe will definitely do this,” he stated.